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    Emil Jellinek

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    April 6, 1853 – January 21, 1918

    We know some Jews who would never own a German car. Be it a Volkswagen, a BMW, an Audi, or especially a Mercedes, they would shake their head and speak of all the horrors the Germans have inflicted on the Jews and how they would never support a German company and... Well, this diatribe usually goes on for hours.

    Now, we are not gonna be the ones to attempt to dissuade one's dislike of the Germans. There is some terrible history there, after all. But, amazingly, the most hated car of them all, Mercedes, was not only a German, but a Jewish brand.

    Many know the story that Mercedes was named for a girl. But few know that the girl was Jewish: Adriana Jellinek, nicknamed Mercedes. Her father was Emil Jellinek, the entrepreneur responsible for the introduction of the engine that he named after his daughter. And his father was Adolf Jellinek, a famed Austrian rabbi.

    And Emil was quite an automotive pioneer. He designed a car with a longer wheelbase, a lower center of gravity, and various other improvements that we, automotive novices, can't comprehend. What we know is he helped turned an unstable, unsuitable horseless carriage into a modern marvel of convenience. And he gave birth to one of the most famous brands of all time.

    So perhaps it's time to let go of that Mercedes hatred, Jews? They're pretty nice cars, after all.

    Verdict: Jew.

    March 1, 2011

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