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    (Paul David Hewson)
    May 10, 1960 —

    New York City street vendors. They are hard to resist, aren't they? The knock-off sunglasses, the effervescent perfumes, the bootleg DVDs, the tefillin and yarmulkes...

    Yes, the tefillin and yarmulkes. Supposedly, that is exactly what attracted Bono when he was taking a stroll through New York City a few years ago. The Irishman left with a yarmulke, mentioning that he was "half Jewish on account of his Jewish mother".

    Which really confused the hell out of us, and not because someone decided to take a street yarmulke. For here is a direct quote from Bono: "my mother was a Protestant, my father was a Catholic". So which one is it?

    Alas, Jewish U2 fans, it looks like we can't claim this one. According to the group's autobiography, "U2 By U2", Bono thinks that his mother's family MIGHT have been Jewish. He's not sure. But it is absolutely clear that his mother was a Protestant, as mother and son attended Church of Ireland services. Also, by checking Bono's ancestry, we find absolutely no evidence of anyone Jewish.

    Oh well. So let's make this deal: since Bono thinks he MIGHT be part Jewish, we'll award him a bonus I point. It's a much better deal than you'll get from a New York City street vendor, you can be sure of that.

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    November 18, 2011

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