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    Tina Louise

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    (Tatiana Blacker)
    February 11, 1934 —

    Hey there, loyal Levites! You know what we haven't done in a while? Found the Jewish member of a TV show using the James Wilson Law!

    Today's subject? The all-time worst show on television: Gilligan's Island, a social experiment in which researchers attempted to discover if one 30-minute sitcom could make an entire nation stupider. Of course, by the time it was over, everyone was too feeble-minded to figure out if the test had been a success or not.

    In any case, it was a program, it was on television, there was a Jew. In this case, there's no point in even wasting our time because clearly the Jew would have to be Thurston Howell III, the rich, spoiled character played by Mr. Magoo himself, Jim Backus.

    Ok, well if they didn't choose the "greedy" stereotype, they chose the "smart" one with Russell Johnson as the Professor, right? Wrong?

    OK then, they just went for insulting and chose Gilligan?


    Well, whaddaya know? Tina Louise, "the movie star" Ginger, is Jewish! The hot one! How many times does that happen? (Also Jewish? Actress Natalie Schafer, who played the whiny Lovie Howell. That... That makes a lot more sense).

    So thank you, Tina Louise: Gilligan's Island — Greatest TV Show Ever!

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 14, 2012

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