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    Rene Goscinny

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    August 14, 1926 – November 5, 1977

    Hey there, Frenchies! How's it going over there with your philandering former president, floundering Euro and fantastic cheeses?

    We know you guys have had a weird kinda on again/off again relationship with us Juifs. On the one hand, first European nation to emancipate the Jews! So that's all good. On the other, well, you did spend over a decade in the late 1800s destroying your own military just because a Jew had joined up.

    Heck, even our own little website got pulled into it a while back (an app who had, *ahem* appropriated our name was accused of breaking French law because it "outed" Jews).

    Anyhoo (anyhoux?), you know who we can add to the win side of the ledger? France's best known comics creation, Asterix! Well, not the punctuated personage himself, he's from Gaul, oui? But Asterix's creator Rene Goscinny is 100% Hebrew approved.

    So yeah, we're pretty happy about that. The rest of the world probably knows Tintin better, but whatever, he's Belgian. And we're happy to support the suddenly Semite-approved Parc Asterix over culturally homogeneous Disneyland Paris (no, Disney was not an anti-Semite. Yes, the parks are a a little Christian-y for our liking).

    Would we prefer that Asterix himself be Jewish and not just his creator? Of course, but you can't have everything in this world. Although, looking at the wise little hero, his nose is a little on the large side, non?

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 16, 2013

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