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    Jonathan Abrams

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    1972 —

    In 2002, Canadian programmer and — shocker! — Jew, Jonathan Abrams launched something truly unique.

    This strange new beast allowed people to create an online page for themselves, connect to friends' online pages, and became the premier way for anyone and everyone to socialize over the Internet.

    Unfortunately, Abrams' idea was named Friendster.

    He, and his many investors, had the right idea. They had over 1 million people subscribed. They even had a (reported) $30 million offer from Google.

    Then Facebook came along and ate their lunch.


    Of course, it's hard to fault Abrams. He had the right idea, at roughly the right time, and it all fell through anyway. Was Facebook better? Sure. Was it really that much better?

    Eh. Of course this is coming from us — people who find social networking almost entirely abhorrent and have spent most of our adult lives trying to avoid the very social connections that Friendster and its ilk attempt to initiate (MySpace, on the other hand, is apparently attempting to create the ideal online space for pedophiles. Yikes!).

    But it really does seem that the Friendster folks were merely the unhappy victims of fate, though that doesn't stop us from making fun of them for it.

    At least until our own, somehow slightly superior, competitor comes along and makes our own site seem silly by comparison.

    Damn you, MyJew.com!

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 16, 2013

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