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    The Sea Peoples

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    ...and then, the peoples came out of the sea. No one was a match for those warriors. Town after town burned down. Countless lives slaughtered. Great cities lied in ruins. Powerful nations put at mercy of mysterious marines. They would leave, only to return. They were called, the Sea Peoples...

    Sounds like something out of mythology? Perhaps, but they were all too real. 1200 years before the common era, the shores of the Mediterranean were raided by strange sailors. They burned down major cities (Anatolia, Ugarit, Kadesh), and then they disappeared to where they came from.

    Who were they? No one knows. We know what you are thinking: Atlanteans! If only it was that simple.

    There are many, many theories about these Sea Peoples (and, yes, they are called the Sea Peoples, for the lack of a better name). Some think they were the Greeks of the Trojan War, sacking Asian cities. Some think they were tribes whose names now barely register: the Shekelesh, the Tyrrhenians, the Peleset...

    Perhaps they were the Denyen, who some equate to the Greek Danaans, and others to the Israeli Tribe of Dan. That's right, there is a very small chance that these ancient sea raiders were ancient Hebrews...

    Makes as much sense as Atlanteans, if you ask us.

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    March 9, 2015

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