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    Dock Ellis

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    March 11, 1945 – December 19, 2008

    It's time to open up our mailbox! Here's a reader who recently watched a documentary about baseball pitcher Dock Ellis. "At times, he is wearing a Star of David," he is surprised and wonders why.

    So this is Dock Ellis, to the left, his hair in curlers, and a Star of David around his neck. For those not up on their 1970s baseball, Dock was an All-Star pitcher, mainly for the Pirates. His main claim to fame is that he pitched a no-hitter while high on acid. We'll let that sink in.

    So why did Dock wear that star? He wasn't Jewish, that's for sure. Perhaps it was out of solidarity with his teammate, the previously-profiled Dave Parker, who had his own, strange reasons, for wearing the star? Or maybe Dock had some secret Jewish heritage?

    Wait a minute... Dock Ellis wore his hair in curlers on the baseball diamond. In one game, he tried to hit every batter on the opposing team. He was maced by a security guard while trying to enter a stadium. He pitched while HIGH ON ACID. So he wore a Star of David... On that scale, why are you surprised?

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    July 24, 2015

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