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    Houda Nonoo

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    September 7, 1964 —

    As we recently mentioned, our quest to profile a Jew from every country is not exactly feasible. The Middle East (sans one obvious nation) gives us undeniable trouble.

    Well, there is another Middle Eastern country where we can actually find an important Jew: Bahrain! No, that's not the one with all the crazy construction; that's Dubai. No, that's not the one where they are using slave labor to stage the World Cup; that's Qatar. No, that's not the one with robot jockeys... Wait, it is? Yep, they got robots riding camels all over the Middle East, including Bahrain.

    So, Bahrain: a tiny island kingdom. You know what separates it from its neighbors, other than water of the Persian Gulf? It actually tolerates its Jews, and is the only Arab gulf country with a synagogue. Heck, a Jewish woman, the delightfully named Houda Nonoo, even served in parliament and was Ambassador to the United States! Sure, many Bahranians didn't like her appointment, but it's something!

    So, how many Jews live in Bahrain?


    That's... something.

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 28, 2015

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