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    Eugen Goldstein

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    September 5, 1850 – December 25, 1930

    If we remember something from high school chemistry (and, trust us, we've forgotten pretty much everything form high school chemistry), it's the Rutherford model of the atom: protons and neutrons in the middle, with electrons spinning around. It's named for the goyishe Ernest Rutherford, who discovered the atomic nucleus in 1911 and the proton itself in 1917.

    You know what, we get it, we get it! By now, you've noticed a trend in some of these scientific profiles: we start with something allegedly discovered by a goy and then say that it was really done by a Jew! Well, we can't help it, if it's so often true!

    In this case, we're talking about the proton, which was actually discovered by Eugen Goldstein all the way back in 1886. Why doesn't he get the credit? Well, Goldstein backtracked into it. He discovered anode rays; one of those comes from Hydrogen gas and is made up of H+ ions. And H+ ions are basically protons! (Hey, we remember something else from high school chemistry!)

    Unfortunately, Goldstein never coined the term and it left for Rutherford to claim the glory. But if it was up to us, HE would be the one taught in high school chemistry...

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 1, 2017

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