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    Martin Chalfie

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    January 15, 1947 —

    Your Yiddish word of the day is "schnook".

    schnook, noun: a person easily duped; a fool. Elmer Fudd is a good example. (A schnook doesn't have to be Jewish, natch.)

    Let's use it in a sentence: "Who's the schnook that got the Prize this time?" This was spoken by renowned neurobiologist Martin Chalfie, who overslept the Nobel announcements in 2008. You see, the Nobel Prize, for all its glory, is sometimes seen as a fool's reward by the scientific community it honors.

    The irony? Chalfie himself was the schnook.

    Who did you expect, Elmer Fudd?

    Verdict: Jew.

    April 6, 2018

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