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    David Stern

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    September 22, 1942 – January 1, 2020

    If you troll around the Interwebs for a while (or just live somewhere in the American Southeast), you're bound run across a reference to the World Jewish Conspiracy, which, according to the nut jobs who believe in it, is a secret Hebrew Cabal that controls the world through their devious financial machinations.

    It's a completely ludicrous fantasy that is both pathologically paranoid and disgustingly bigoted. Goyim: There is no World Jewish Conspiracy secretly plotting to destroy you. Your life just sucks of its own accord.

    But, on the other hand, we're beginning to wonder if there isn't something just as insidious going on somewhere far more unexpected: professional sports.

    David Stern, commissioner of the NBA? Jew. Bud Selig, commissioner of MLB? Jew. Gary Bettman, commissioner of the NHL? Jew, as previously profiled. Heck, even Don Garber, the commissioner of Major League Soccer, is Jewish!

    Who's missing? NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Somehow he slipped through.

    What evil works will this Israeli Illuminati of Athletics plot next? Wild card playoff systems, corrupt referees, year long strikes — anything is possible in a sports world controlled by the secret Jewish sports conspiracy.


    Verdict: Jew.

    June 24, 2008

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