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    Stu Ungar

    Jew Score:



    September 8, 1953 – November 22, 1998

    Ah, the Jew Score — our favorite part of the site. So beloved. So misunderstood. Let's use poker legend Stu Ungar to take a closer look, shall we?

    I is for inner. Ungar was born to two Jewish parents in the Lower East Side of NYC. Since he didn't do much in the way of Jewishness after that, this is an easy 4.

    O is for outer. Ungar might look Jewish (especially when seen with his magnificent Jewfro), but he certainly didn't act that way. While certainly more common in Jews than, say, headbutting, gambling and drug addiction aren't exactly renowned Jewish qualities. Further, there are no stories where Ungar won millions gambling, blew it all on horses and cocaine, passed out in his Vegas hotel room, woke up the next morning... and then went to shul. So the O stays low. A 2 ought to do it.

    As for the K score, well, he is widely considered the greatest poker player of all time. And may have been the best gin player as well. And if there was a "coolness" score it'd be through the roof. So we give him a 4, dinging him 1 point for his self-destructive nature, thus ruining our millions of young readers by telling them drug addiction is A-OK as long as you're good at cards.

    And there you have it. One exciting Jew score composition. It may sound like a lot of work just to pick three random numbers, but in the end, we feel you're worth it. So long as it doesn't interfere with our own personal poker habits.

    Verdict: Jew.

    June 25, 2008

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