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    Peter Malkin

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    May 27, 1927 – March 1, 2005

    We recently visited Argentina, where a tour guide in Buenos Aires tried to inform us of what we already know: how the country first welcomed Jews... and then Nazis.

    The Jewish immigration peaked in the early 20th century. The Nazi one, obviously after World War II. You see, Argentina's pro-fascist president, Juan Peron, actively recruited Nazis. What a douche.

    This brings us to Ricardo Klement... or should we say Adolph Eichmann? The notorious Nazi, one of the organizers of the Holocaust, was living under that name in Buenos Aires, pretending to be a law-abiding citizens without millions of souls on his conscience (he had no conscience). Then, on one evening in 1960, a Mossad group led by Peter Malkin kidnapped Eichmann off a street and then smuggled him into Israel. Soon after, the Nazi was hanged.

    Alas, Malkin's triumph was an anomaly; the vast majority of escaped Nazis lived out their lives without punishment in Argentina. Somehow they missed that point on the tour...

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 4, 2019

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