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    Jemima Montag

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    February 15, 1998 —

    We've just profiled Anat Leilor, who's participating in Tokyo in one of the newest Olympic sports: surfing. But for every sport the Olympics adds, something goes away. (They were THIS close to getting rid of wrestling, only the original ancient Greek combat!)

    Which brings us to race walking. No, not racing. Not walking. Race walking. It's a real Olympic sport, held in every Olympics since 1932. (Rolled up into the track portion of Track & Field, natch.) If you've never seen a race walking... race, well, it's a doozy. The walkers (not runners!) need to walk (duh!), not run. If they run, game over. It's truly thrilling. (For like three minutes, then you change the channel to trampoline or something.)

    Jemima Montag of Australia is competing in Tokyo, and somehow is not even the first race walker we've ever profiled, joining Shaul Ladany of Israel. (She is also not the first Jewish Jemima we've profiled. Go figure.) And it's a good thing Montag is getting a chance now, because in the next Olympics the number of race walking events is being reduced from three to two. Who knows what the greedy Olympic committee will do in the future to make place for hip sports like paragliding and underwater hockey!?

    Seriously, they tried to take away WRESTLING!

    Verdict: Jew.

    August 4, 2021

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