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    Meshi Rosenfeld

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    April 30, 2000 —

    We love celebrating Jewish Olympic prowess, but what about sports that are not good enough for the Olympics? No, we don't mean (American) football. What about world staples like water skiing, kickboxing, fistball (it's a thing!), and dancing (it's a thing...)

    For that, there are World Games, which take place every four years in such exotic places as Lahti (Finland), Cali (Colombia), and this year's edition in Birmingham (England Alabama? Is that right? Of all the places for "world" games to be held, they picked freakin' Alabama? Alrighty then!)

    So what exotic sports did Jews show prowess in? No, not finswimming or tug-of-war... jujutsu! Apparently, Israel's judo prowess in the real Olympics translates well to another martial art. Perhaps it should be renamed Jew-jutsu? (Sorry for the easy joke...)

    Israel cleaned up at the World Games to the tune of seven jujutsu medals, three of them gold. Two of those went to Meshi Rosenfeld, including the women's all-around title.

    Well, it's definitely more exciting than artistic roller skating (it's a thing!)

    Verdict: Jew.

    July 27, 2022

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