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    Molly Yeh

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    May 22, 1989 —

    We're real fans of finding rare Jews here at JONJ. And you know who's super rare? Jewish farmers.

    From a distance, this doesn't make any sense. Our people are just as capable of planting seeds as we are of producing wisdom. We can can care for animals in the same way that we cultivate knowledge of Torah.

    But for most of history in the majority of western Europe, it was illegal for Jews to own land. Which kinda makes it hard to get into the whole farming scene. So instead we focused on other skills: comedy, kvetching, etc.

    That means the half-Jewish Molly Yeh, a cookbook author and celebrity chef whose brand is focused around farm life, is quite the unusual discovery. Apparently her chicken shwarma tacos are really good? We have yet to try them. Even more rare, Molly's a Julliard grad who's involved in classical music. Very neat!

    She's also half Chinese (on her father's side). So, yeah, we may have buried the lede on the whole 'rare Jews' thing.

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 6, 2023

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