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    Lev Karpov

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    April 30, 1879 – January 6, 1921

    Lev Yakovlevich Karpov was... well, not exactly someone we would usually profile, despite being Jewish. A perfunctory Old Bolshevik, he led Soviet Russia's chemical industry after the revolution. And then he had the luck of dying in 1921.

    We're not using "luck" sarcastically here. By dying so early, Karpov avoided the purge that would have definitely come for him... and he became the subject of only THE GREATEST EULOGY OF ALL TIME. It was spoken at his funeral by another Old Bolshevik, Leonid Krasin. Witness:

    I am certain that the time will come when science will become all-powerful, that it will be able to recreate a deceased organism. I am certain that the time will come when one will be able to use the elements of a person's life to recreate the physical person. And I am certain that when that time will come, when the liberation of mankind, using all the might of science and technology, the strength and capacity of which we cannot now imagine, will be able to resurrect great historical figures — and I am certain that when that time will come, among the great figures will be our comrade, Lev Yakovlevich.

    10/10. No notes.

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 10, 2023

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