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    Steven Seagal

    Jew Score:



    April 10, 1951 —

    To be honest, we haven't seen many Steven Seagal's films. OK, we haven't seen any Steven Seagal's films, for every time we turn the TV on and see his face, grimacing as he tries to act, we quickly change the channel. To an infomercial for hair removal treatment. To synchronized swimming. To "Full House" reruns. To anything.

    We're sure that Steven Seagal was a pretty good martial artist. But being one does not make one a good actor (see: Lundgren, Dolph. See: Norris, Chuck.) But this website does not exist to debate the acting merits of these thespians. It exists to debate their Jewish merits, and since neither Lundgren nor Norris posses any (but if someone knows otherwise, contact us immediately, because Jew or Not Jew: Dolph Lundgren or Jew or Not Jew: Chuck Norris would be to juicy to pass up), we settle on Jew or Not Jew: Steven Seagal.

    For Seagal, as his last name suggests, is half-Jewish, and even though that half-heritage is probably the only ties to the chosen people that he possesses, at least it got him a profile on this website.

    But we're still not watching any of his movies.

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    September 27, 2006

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