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    Alex Winter

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    July 17, 1965 —

    A couple of times, we've been asked if Keanu Reeves is Jewish. Our response was, "no, but Alex Winter is".

    Both times, we were met with blank stares.

    Hello? Alex Winter? The Bill to Keanu's Ted, who went on some Excellent Adventures and starred in perhaps the fourth best time-traveling movie of the 1980s? One half of the dynamic duo that made high schoolers appreciate Socrates and Freud, while strumming some excellent tunes.

    But, while Keanu was busy saving buses, selling his soul to Al Pacino, and fighting Agent Smith, Alex was busy... who knows. Probably, he did a lot of reading. Maybe rented a few videos. Perhaps transformed his air guitar skills into playing a real instrument.

    So, maybe next time we're asked if Keanu is Jewish, we should reply differently. Perhaps we should say, "no, but his character in the Matrix is".

    It's not like there's any proof that he is not.

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 15, 2009

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