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    Jimmy Fallon

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    September 19, 1974 —

    It's time to open up the Jew or Not Jew mailbag! Today's letter comes from Jeremy from the great state of New York:

    my girlfriend loves your site, and she loves jimmy fallon. maybe if you profile him, i'll get some love too!

    Sure, Jeremy, anything for love. Let's see what we can do here....

    Dear Jeremy's girlfriend (can we call you JG?),

    First off, we'd like to thank you for having such excellent taste in websites. Seriously, good show! On the other hand though, we have to wonder about your taste in men. Oh, clearly Jeremy here is a good guy, but Jimmy Fallon? Really?

    Have you seen Fever Pitch? Or all of his old SNL skits where he stands around, insufferably laughing at his own jokes? Good G-d.

    Plus he's not Jewish. Not even a little bit. Honestly JG (it's cool that we're calling you JG, right?), we just don't see it. There just isn't anything even remotely redeemable about Jimmy Fallon and, frankly, your affection for him kind of makes us worry about you.

    Anyway, you've clearly got a good thing going with this Jeremy fellow and you should definitely reward him for getting us to profile someone so un-Jewish and un-talented as Mr. Fallon.


    Jew or Not Jew

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    August 14, 2009

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