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    Boris Badenov

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    Remember when the Russians were evil?

    (Wait, this is the Internet. No one here is over the age of 13. Let's start again.)

    Did you know, the Russians used to be evil? No really, it's true. We would cower in our beds, waiting for our nuclear doom from those terrible, terrible, communist Russians. (OK, it was the USSR, but in those days it was same borscht different day.)

    Make no mistake, comrades, the Russians were EVIL. And it took real heroes to fight them. Superman. James Bond. Rocky and Bullwinkle.

    Ok, so maybe Boris Badenov wasn't the scariest supervillain out there. And, sadly for our sakes, he wasn't anything near Jewish, just a Commie. (Remember, in political-speak Commie = Jew. Don't ask.)

    But Boris sure had it in for moose and squirrel, huh? And really, anyone who doesn't like Bullwinkle is clearly deranged in some dangerous ways.

    Of course, we beat Badenov and those silly Russians and nowadays the Red Menace just seems kind of quaint. The only thing we have to worry about are bombings, televised beheadings and all around terror.

    Y'know, maybe we were better off when the Russians were the bad guys.

    Verdict: Sadly, Not a Jew.

    December 4, 2009

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