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    Warner Bros

    Jew Score:



    (Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner)
    1881 – 1958, 1884 – 1967, 1887 – 1927, 1892 – 1978

    You love movies. We love movies. Everyone loves movies!

    Just look at this very website. We profiled so many actors, we had to split it into two categories. Hooray movies!

    And where would movies be without Jews?

    Quick background: back in the 1920s, Hollywood was run by the Big Three: Paramount (founded by Adolph Zukor, Jew), MGM (one of the Ms is for the man who ran it, Louis B. Mayer, Jew; the G is for Samuel Goldwin/Goldfish, Jew), and First National (who? More on them later). Then, a little upstart named Warner Bros jumped on the scene.

    Warner Bros was founded by the four Wonskolaser... err... make that Warner brothers, Hirsch, Abraham, Schmuel, and Jacob... err... make that Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack. With a number of shrewd moves, Warner Bros muscled in on the scene, first merging with and then gobbling up First National. (So yeah, the new Big Three: all Jews.) Jack, the youngest, ran the company with an iron fist, firing supposed stars left and right yet somehow keeping the Bros at the top.

    And, of course, Warner Bros is still very much alive today. Well, not the Warner Bros themselves, of course. That would just be strange. But the company they founded is still going strong. Actually, so are Paramount and MGM. Maybe those old Jewish movie guys actually knew what they were doing, huh?

    Verdict: Jew.

    June 30, 2010

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