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    Peter Max

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    (Peter Max Finkelstein)
    October 19, 1937 —

    One of the side effects of having a semi-popular website is that our mothers now know about it. No longer could we keep our obsession with finding Jews a secret!

    And our mothers being the Jewish mothers that they are, we get our share of praise, our share of criticism (do you really have to use THOSE words?), and our share of suggestions. Hell, we get suggestions from every corner of the globe. What's stopping our mothers, right?

    "You really should profile Peter Max," one of our mothers said. "He is one of the most famous living artists, and he's definitely Jewish."

    "Sure, mom," we mumbled in response. "Sadly, artists are some of the hardest profiles to write."

    "Well, you think about it. Would you like lunch now?"

    "It's only 10 AM, mom."

    "Sorry, I had to ask. You haven't been eating well lately."

    So, after lunch, we had to look up Peter Max. As big a name as any as far as modern art is concerned. He pioneered Cosmic Art in the 60s, with all the psychedelic colors and swirls. (That's his self-portrait on the left.) And yes, Jew, born in Germany as Peter Max Finkelstein. And somewhat of a nut: recently, he took custody of an escaped cow.

    So we hope this pleases (one of) our mothers. And if it leads to more suggestions... let it be. They are our mothers, after all.

    Verdict: Jew.

    March 23, 2011

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