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    Albert Einstein

    Jew Score:



    March 14, 1879 – April 18, 1955

    You can have Leonardo da Vinci. We won't argue about Isaac Newton. Thomas Edison can take a hike. Archimedes, Pythagoras, Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates are all too ancient to be considered. Copernicus? Galileo? Descartes? No thanks. We have Albert Einstein... the smartest man who ever lived.

    The word "genius" gets thrown around so much today. That football coach is a genius! That movie director is a genius! Anyone who has an IQ over some number is a genius! The word's meaning is ever so diluted. But we're not here to argue about semantics, we're here to argue if someone is Jewish or not.

    Albert Einstein: Genius. Jew.

    But why such a high score for someone who was non-observant? All the proof you need is in Einstein's own quote, "A Jew who sheds his faith along the way, or who even picks up a different one, is still a Jew." Besides, anyone whose work was attempted to be discredited by the Nazis as "Jewish physics", anyone who was offered the presidency of Israel without being its citizen, anyone who has become a prototype for that overused word "genius", is clearly deserving of the perfect score.

    Albert Einstein: Smartest Man Ever. Jew.

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 13, 2006

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