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    (Grim Reaper)

    Oh, hi. Didn't see you come in. Sit down, please.

    First off, we have some paperwork... Oh, sure, take a look around. Get to know this place. It's not like you'll be spending eternity here or anything.

    Alrighty then. This is just your average form. First name, last, religion. Oh, you're Jewish? Lovely. Then you'll enjoy this one. It's just hilarious. An old Jew is lying on his death bed... What? Too soon? Alright, alright.

    Sure, sure, take your time, it's not like I have any souls to reap... Man, I gotta tell you, today was an interesting day for me. Had to pick one up in Seattle. You ever been in Seattle? Lovely place, a little too much rain for my liking. Long story short, the guy's name... John Smith. You know how many John Smiths live in Seattle? Needless to say, I got the wrong one. Had to make a second stop... Gotta keep the boss happy, am I right?

    You know what I like about you Jews? You're always so understanding when you get here. That's life, you always say. You should see how most Christians act. The screaming, the wailing. Oh please, I am too young to be here! Send me back, I beg you! As if I have any power to do that. And then the bargaining begins. Like I care if you lived a good life or not. There's only one path after here anyway. Heaven, hell? Who came up with that gibberish?

    Well, looks like we're done here. Welcome to eternity, sir. Do you have any questions for me? Make them quick, I really need to get to the next client.

    Oh, you want to know if I'm Jewish? Oh, you Jews! Why do you always ask that one...

    Verdict: Sadly, Not a Jew.

    July 21, 2011

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