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    Dutch Schultz

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    (Arthur Flegenheimer)
    August 6, 1902 – October 24, 1935

    In 1935, Arthur Flegenheimer, better known as the mobster Dutch Schultz, converted from Judaism to Christianity. He even immersed himself in studying the scripture. The logic was self-serving: Schultz believed that Jesus would keep him out of prison.

    Would you believe that it worked?

    That's right, Schultz, the notorious bootlegger, murderer, and racketeer, was acquitted of charges levied against him.

    So did Jesus help? Who knows, really. Some say that he works in strange and mysterious ways. (He doesn't.) Yet here was Schultz, a free man.

    Until he was gunned down by assassins in a restaurant bathroom not long after.

    So what happened? Did Jesus turn away from a new member of his flock? Or are these the strange and mysterious ways they speak of? (They aren't.)

    And, most importantly, as Schultz was lying there in the bathroom in the pool of his own blood, did he regret his decision? Did he think to himself, what have I done? I turned on my roots to avoid prison, and this is what I get in return? Why, G-d, why?

    Strange and mysterious ways... Strange and mysterious ways.

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    April 24, 2012

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