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    Charles Ruthenberg

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    July 9, 1882 – March 1, 1927

    To the foreigner, the iconic image of Moscow is St. Basil's Cathedral and its onion-shaped dome. However, to those who grew up in the Soviet Union, the top spot is likely taken by the red Kremlin walls and the Mausoleum that stands in front of them.

    Yes, the Mausoleum, where Lenin lies in his mummified sleep, waiting to be released to do his zombie deeds (or, hopefully, not). But the first head of the Soviet Union is not the only one resting at Red Square.

    Next to the Mausoleum, there is a Necropolis, containing the remains of Soviet leaders. The best ones (remember, everyone was equal, but some were more equal than others) got their own tombs. The rest had to share.

    The first person who got such an honor was the Soviet Commissar of Finance, Miron Vladimirov (born Sheynfinkel, Jew). The third? Charles Ruthenberg, an American.

    So how did an American get such a prestigious Soviet honor? Well, Ruthenberg was the founder of (aha!) Communist Party USA. The Russians had such high hopes for him back then!

    But no, Ruthenberg (surprise!) wasn't Jewish. He was born in Ohio from German Lutheran stock... and ended up in a mass grave in the middle of Moscow. Life (and death) takes strange turns, doesn't it?

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    March 6, 2013

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