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    Mandy Patinkin

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    November 30, 1952 —

    He is best known for a role he played in his youth, an iconic genre character beloved mostly by geeks who cannot stop associating him with the person he played.

    Since that defining part, he has made his way through the drudgery of television: mostly the expected police procedurals and lawyer/doctor dramas that dominate the tubular landscape.

    And, beyond his acting, he is best known as a singer, having recorded multiple memorable albums. Oh, and he's Jewish. Natch.

    And we're sure we're not talking about William Shatner here? Positive?

    Oh, most certainly yes. It's Mandy Patinkin!

    How can we tell the difference? Well, for one thing, Patinkin's singing is actually not half bad. No, seriously, it doesn't set civilization back or anything. Plus Patinkin isn't Canadian, or trading on a career of (mostly) embarrassment. Or writing what basically amounts to fan fiction about the adventures of Inigo Montoya.

    Although, if he were to start writing Inigo fan fic we'd certainly at least pick up the first volume...

    But anyway. Mandy Patinkin. Remarkably similar to William Shatner, yet also remarkably cooler.

    Seriously, you could do worse for an epitaph.

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 24, 2013

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