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    There are no Jews on Tristan da Cunha.

    Where is Tristan da Cunha? Lost at the southern end of the Atlantic Ocean, it's the world's most remote inhabited archipelago.

    There are not many people there either; the last census counted 264 inhabitants. All of them reside in one village, the delightfully-named Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. It's 1,350 miles from the nearest human settlement.

    So what's there on Tristan da Cunha? A mountain. Beaches. Rocks. And penguins. Lots and lots of penguins, who come ashore to lay eggs and feed their young. And, speaking of delightfully-named locations, the penguins' favorite place is the gray sand beach of Jew's Point.

    You read that right, Jew's Point. Tristan da Cuhna has a promontory that, legend says, is named after a nameless Jew. In 1856, a ship named Joseph Somes caught fire at the island's shores. 53 passengers, among them a Jew, were rescued. How that name got stuck is anybody's guess.

    There used to be at least one Jew on Tristan da Cunha...

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    June 28, 2013

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