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    Scott Horowitz

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    March 24, 1957 —

    We'd like to go to... Mars.

    Mars, that small red spec in the sky. Mars, our close neighbor. Mars, perhaps humanity's salvation if (when? Please, not when!) Earth stops being hospitable...

    Scott J. Horowitz agrees. He has been to space four times: three as a pilot and once as a commander. Six weeks of his life have been spent in orbit. Still, Horowitz is looking beyond.

    His take?

    I fully expect that you'll see us starting to go to Mars, particularly in the 2030-ish, [20]35 timeframe, and by the fifties, fifty years from now you'll see an established Mars outpost and us going to other interesting places in the solar system.

    Fifty years from now? So that will make us... how old? Oh.

    Our children would like to go to... Mars.

    Our children's children?

    Verdict: Jew.

    July 5, 2013

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