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    Jordan Belfort

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    July 9, 1962 —

    Sadly, we had no idea that Jordan Belfort was a real person.

    There we were, watching "The Wolf of Wall Street", trying to figure out if Leonardo DiCaprio's character is Jewish through the entire three hours of the movie. On one hand, he comes from a Jewish neighborhood, most of his friends are Jewish (one even brandishes a huge Chai necklace in every scene), and his father is played by the he-can't-be-anything-but-Jewish Rob Reiner. On the other hand, he is Leonardo DiCaprio! He oozes goy every second on the screen.

    But then the end credits rolled, and it clearly said, "based on the book by Jordan Belfort". So, yes, some of the facts were changed for the movie, but Belfort is all too real. So was his company, Stratton Oakmont, so were his transgressions, and so were his stolen millions.

    That's the real Belfort on the left. As you can see, he is no DiCaprio. So, yes, the verdict is clear.


    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    December 31, 2013

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