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    Leonard Kleinrock

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    June 13, 1934 —

    In 1973, Leonard Kleinrock, Jew, committed the first Internet crime.

    He didn't spread a powerful virus. He didn't pretend to be a Nigerian prince. He didn't even try to sell boner pills. Back then, there were no boner pills!

    Kleinrock left his electric razor at a conference in England. So when he got home, he sent a request over the Internet to get it back. (Electric razors were apparently a luxury in 1973.)

    So what's so illegal about Kleinrock's desire to re-acquire his face-shaving apparatus? Back then, using the Internet for personal reasons was illegal. Bad on you, Mr. Kleinrock. Bad on you!

    Of course, without Kleinrock, there might not have been an Internet. In 1969, he helped develop the first network to utilize TCP/IP. Called ARPANET, it was the Internet's predecessor.

    As for Kleinrock's transgression, he was forgiven. Using the Internet for personal reasons! Well, someone had to think of it first...

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 4, 2014

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