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    Nate Freiman

    Jew Score:



    December 31, 1986 —

    When you're particularly tall, everyone assumes you must be an athlete.

    The first guess is always basketball player. That makes sense. Height is a huge advantage in roundball, where even the "short" guys are real life "humongous."

    The second assumption would probably be football. Height may be a disadvantage for some positions, but certainly, wide receiver or cornerback is a good spot for someone so entryway-unfriendly.

    Height also helps in soccer (goalkeeping obviously but also for headers), gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, lacrosse, and even tennis (bigger serves, longer wingspan).

    As a baseball pitcher, height can be a bit of a raisin kugel. On the kugel-y side, tall pitchers often have greater velocity, because of how much downward motion they can produce. Because they're bigger, tall pitchers also appear to be much closer to the plate, which adds the perception of even greater speed. The raisin in the pudding though: effective pitchers need a compact, easily repeatable throwing motion that can be almost impossible to develop with all that arm and leg to keep under control.

    Extreme height for a position player, though? Almost all drawback. Much bigger strike zone, much longer swing, much greater susceptibility to injury, no real benefit in the field...

    So, definitely, the second strangest thing about Nate Freiman is the fact he's a 6'8" first baseman.

    The strangest thing about the 6'8" Freiman? Check out that verdict:

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 3, 2014

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