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    Professor Frink

    Jew Score:



    (John Nerdelbaum Frink, Jr.)

    Here's why we don't think Professor Frink is exactly Jewish:

  • Yes, he is based on Jerry Lewis, but, more specifically, he is based on Lewis' character, Julius Kelp, in "The Nutty Professor". While we can have a lengthy discussion about the Jewishness of Kelp, it's not obvious.
  • His name is John Frink, Jr. As we know, Jews very rarely name children after themselves.
  • His middle(?) name, Nerdelbaum, seem to hint at possible Jewish roots. But the "baum" suffix is not necessarily Jewish. Could he have a goyishe father (Frink) and a Jewish mother (Nerdelbaum)? Perhaps.
  • In one episode, Jerry Lewis lends his voice to Frink's father. But that episode is a Halloween special and is not considered canon.
  • Frink is an insectivore. Jews that keep kosher don't eat insects (except for that delicious locust!) Of course, not all Jews keep kosher.
  • Frink appears in church scenes.

    Yep, that last one pretty much settles it.

  • Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    June 19, 2015

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