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    Edward Bernays

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    November 22, 1891 – March 9, 1995

    Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, is often called "the father of public relations". What was his biggest contribution to society?

  • Convincing Americans that fluoridated water is safe
  • Organizing the first media event for a US President, a pancake breakfast for Calvin Coolidge
  • Convincing women to smoke by calling cigarettes, "torches of liberty"
  • Convincing Americans that ballet is fun to watch
  • Helping overthrow the government of Guatemala on behalf of the United Fruit Company
  • Convincing America that bacon and eggs is the "true All-American" breakfast

    A Jew who made the whole country eat bacon? Probably not the biggest contribution...

  • Verdict: Jew.

    June 29, 2015

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