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    Henry and Richard Bloch

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    1922 – 2019, 1926 – 2004

    People pay taxes in every country, but it's only in the US that your national duty is turned into a hellish nightmare.

    That US tax code is so complex that it either takes you hours upon hours to figure out its intricacies... or you go to one of the omnipresent tax preparation places, the biggest being H&R Block.

    It might not be obvious, but H&R Block is named for its two founders. H is for Henry Bloch, and R is for his brother Richard. The Jewish duo founded the company in 1955, and accountants have been busy ever since (around tax time, at least).

    That's Bloch, not Block: the company's name was altered to ensure correct pronunciation. (Speaking of names, Richard's middle was... Adolf. Mr. and Mrs. Bloch obviously couldn't have known at the time.)

    So, thanks to H&R Block and all its rivals who, for a small (sometimes large) fee prepare our taxes! Paying taxes is the duty of every American, after all!

    Unless you're a cheating scumbag. But that goes without saying.

    Verdict: Jew.

    April 15, 2019

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