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    Rashida Jones

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    February 25, 1976 —

    Believe it or not, we, the creators of Jew or Not Jew, do not always harmoniously co-exist. Every day is filled with arguments, such as:

    Do we incorporate recent evidence of Bob Dylan's supposed return to Judaism into his profile? (no, for now)

    Do we keep up our frantic pace of a new profile every weekday? (yes, for now)

    Chocolate, coconut, or plain macaroons? (still undecided)

    And... Pam or Karen from "The Office"?

    Let's just say that that last question has been discussed a bit more often than the macaroon conundrum. Hell, Karen hasn't been a regular for a year now, and we're still debating it.

    On one hand, Pam has a great personality. On the other hand, Karen is super hot. But then, Pam is no slouch in the looks department either. Hmmmmm. Maybe we can use Jewishness as a tiebreaker?

    Neither character is Jewish. The actress who plays Pam, Jenna Fischer, is not either. But the actress who plays Karen, Rashida Jones, is. Yes, Rashida is half-black, the daughter of Quincy Jones, but she is also half-Jewish, by birth, and full-Jewish, by her beliefs.

    So, does that settle the argument? No? Figures. Maybe we should just let it go and stick to debating macaroons...

    Verdict: Jew.

    July 14, 2008

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