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    Danny DeVito

    Jew Score:



    November 17, 1944 —

    Over the past decade, Danny DeVito has been one of the most requested profiles on our website. Frankly, we don't see it; he is clearly goyishe. That being said, let's turn it over to our readers and see why they want him profiled. (Everything sic)

    "Danny Devito is short" (suggestion from Texas, 2017). Well, yeah, he is short. Many Jewish people are short, sure.

    "His hair looks incredibly Jewish" (Indiana, 2018). Hair... or lack there of? He is bald. Many Jewish people are bald, sure.

    "Short, funny (sometimes), crabby, bald... All the classic tendencies." (Louisiana, 2019). Funny, great. Short, check. Bald, check. Many Jewish people are crabby?

    "he looks, acts, and sounds like a jew" (Pennsylvania, 2014). Do Jews act crabby?

    "Google 'Danny Devito Cigar aficionado', thank me later" (Maryland, 2019). We did... and yes, he loves his cigars. Not sure what to thank you for, however, or what cigars have to do with being Jewish.

    "He's pretty Jewish I think." (New York, 2018). You think wrong.

    "he seems pretty jewish" (Texas, 2019). Perhaps the last two suggesters need to meet up.

    "He's F*in Danny Motherfu*in Devito!" (New Jersey, 2015). That he is... but if you want to be technical, it's "DeVito". Capital V. Someone from New Jersey should know that.

    "He's a god" (Virginia, 2018). We got nothing.

    "want to prove hes not" (Kentucky, 2018). He is not!

    Verdict: Sadly, Not a Jew.

    September 7, 2020

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