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    Ben Shapiro

    Jew Score:



    January 15, 1984 —

    Let's clear up one common misconception about our website. A high or low Jew Score doesn't make one a "good" or "bad" Jew.

    What is a "good Jew", anyway? Is it someone who attends temple regularly? Someone who makes sure to separate meat and dairy? Someone who donates to Israeli charities? Someone who follows all the Ten Commandments to the tee, especially that pesky seventh one?

    In fact, with the way our scoring system was set up years ago, we have some very terrible people with rather high Jew Scores. It is what it is.

    Which brings us to Ben Shapiro, the man who has tried to coin the term "Jews in Name Only" and has claimed that anyone who votes Democrat is a "bad Jew". Believe it or not, the proto-fascist hatemonger has been THE most requested name on our website, year after year. We just never got to profiling him, because, well, sometimes when there is nothing nice to say, it's best to not say anything at all.

    So, Ben Shapiro, regardless whatever Jew Score our formula just spat out, is (probably) not a bad Jew. He is a bad person, who happens to be a Jew. There's a big difference.

    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    February 8, 2021

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