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    Rabbi Hyman: Think! Think! We need to come up with some fancy mythical creatures!

    Rabbi Zalman: Why?

    Rabbi Hyman: Why? All other religions can have mythical creatures, so why not us Jews? You think we are special or something?

    Rabbi Zalman: Well, actually...

    Rabbi Hyman: Oh my G-d, Zalman! Just use that big brain of yours!

    Rabbi Zalman: You know my friend Gerald?

    Rabbi Hyman: The black fellow?

    Rabbi Zalman: Yes, from Nubia. He tells of great fat beasts with little ears. They live in rivers but come ashore as well. When they do, the whole ground shakes! The open their mouth so wide...

    Rabbi Hyman: Great, great, we'll call these... the Behemoth. Come on, we'll need a couple more.

    Rabbi Zalman: Have you heard of eels?

    Rabbi Hyman: Water snakes?

    Rabbi Zalman: Yes, but think bigger! Very long water snakes who can stun you with one touch...

    Rabbi Hyman: Ooh, good one. Everyone is afraid of snakes, but huge ones who swim? People will be terrified to go into the sea! We'll call this one... the Leviathan. One more, Zalman!

    Rabbi Zalman: Well, since we already have a mammal and a fish... I heard of this flightless bird that runs very fast and sticks its head in the sand...

    Rabbi Hyman: A bird that can't fly? No one will ever believe that one! What about a half-lion half-eagle?

    Rabbi Zalman: A griffin? Don't the goyim have that already?

    Rabbi Hyman: A GIANT griffin?

    Rabbi Zalmab: Are those even real?

    Rabbi Hyman: Who cares if they are real! We'll just call it the Ziz.

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 11, 2021

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