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    Jeno Fuchs

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    October 29, 1882 – March 14, 1955

    We're big fans of Alexandre Dumas' musketeer books, but we're not foolish to profile the musketeers themselves.

    Aramis became an abbot. Porthos enjoyed a hearty pork gammon. Athos was a count. And d'Artagnan's various indiscretions would have been frowned upon by his rabbi.

    And the fencing... Jews don't fence. Or do they?

    It turns out that they do. We're not talking fictional 17th-century France here, but rather the modern sport of fencing. No fewer than 30 Jews have been Olympic fencing champions. And since we can't have the original d'Artagnan, we can have the "New d'Artagnan", Attila Petschauer. The Hungarian won two golds and a silver, and his life story was adapted into the movie "Sunshine", starring Ralph Fiennes.

    And then there's Jeno Fuchs, also of Hungary, who won four golds: two individual, two team — two in London in 1908, and two in Stockholm in 1912, making him not only one of the top gold-winning fencers of all time, but also one of the top gold-winning Jews.

    So, with such Jewish success in modern fencing, perhaps we could be more lenient with the musketeers? Aramis and Porthos might be lost causes, but Athos would certainly not be the only Jewish count. And as far as d'Artagnan, raise your hand if you haven't yourself succumbed to various indiscretions...

    We think we should wrap this profile up.

    Verdict: Jew.

    August 28, 2008

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