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    Mia Goth

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    October 25, 1993 —

    Are (were) there Jewish Goths? First, let's make sure which exact Goths we're talking about.

    Goths, the Germanic tribe? Their offshoots, the Visigoths or the Ostrogoths? Seems incredibly unlikely. These were barbarians, not Jews... and then they converted to Christianity. Their loss.

    Goths, the subculture? Is that still a thing? There's gotta be some Jewish goths out there, probably in some rich suburb, yearning for... something. But that's Jewish goths, not Jewish Goths. So there probably are (were) very few, if any, Jewish Goths.

    Are (were) there Jewish Gypsies? Are we even supposed to use that word anymore? Jewish Romani? The two cultures rarely overlap, except, you know, when the goyim need someone to ostracize. So there probably are (were) very few, if any, Jewish Gypsies.

    English actress, star of slasher films, Mia Goth? She is a Goth and a Jew! Well, a quarter Jew, her grandfather is Jewish American artist Lee Jaffe. And she is also a Gypsy... That's her middle name. Mia Gypsy Goth!

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    June 2, 2023

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