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    Shia LaBeouf

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    June 11, 1986 —

    Sometimes we rewrite these profiles when new information comes through. For example, all the evidence might say that the person is not Jewish, and then — bam! — we find some reveal that the original evidence is wrong. It happens. We're not perfect, and neither are the sources out there.

    But in this case, we're not rewriting the profile because of any new evidence. Shia LeBeouf is still half Jewish — by birth, still bar mitzvahed. We're rewriting because of "Indiana Jones 4".

    You see, we love Indiana Jones here at JONJ. And we originally wrote the profile — before the fourth installment came out — we voiced our pleasure that the Indy mantle will be kept in Jewish hands (Harrison Ford is half himself, remember).

    Now... not so much. Indy 4 didn't exactly live up to our lofty expectations. It wasn't bad (some readers are shaking their head), but it clearly wasn't up to the other three. And LaBeouf? The less said about his performance the better.

    But that's alright. Indiana Jones, even at its lowest, is still Indiana Jones. What? You expect us to write about "Transformers"?

    (Editor's update, 2014: Shia now describes himself as a Christian. Another rewrite?...)

    (Editor's update, 2022: And now he is a Catholic. Whatever.)

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    December 26, 2007

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