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    Eduardo Rozsa-Flores

    Jew Score:



    March 31, 1960 – April 16, 2009

    On April 16, 2009, Eduardo Rozsa-Flores was killed by the Bolivian police. Supposedly, he was in charge of a group that was trying to assassinate Evo Morales, the country's president.

    Rozsa-Flores was born in Bolivia to a Hungarian Jewish father and a Spanish mother. He moved a lot as a child, to Chile, Sweden, and eventually Hungary. He then became a journalist. Wait, we're forgetting something! He spent some time training in the Soviet Union with the KGB. That seems like an important point.

    Journalism took Rozsa-Flores to Cuba and then Croatia, where he joined its war for independence. He quickly rose through the ranks, retiring as colonel as the war wound down. Rozsa-Flores moved back to Hungary, returned to journalism, and wrote poetry. Wait, we're forgetting something! At one time a staunch communist, he became involved with fascist groups. That seems like an important point.

    In 2001, a movie was made about his life, starring... himself, and then it was back to Bolivia, where the plot to kill the left-wing president was hatched. Authorities got wind, and that was it for Rozsa-Flores and his cohorts. Wait, we're forgetting something! Even though he had Jewish heritage and was raised Catholic, Rozsa-Flores converted to Islam. That seems like an important point?

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    August 14, 2023

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