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    Lauren Cohan

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    (Lauren Storholm)
    January 7, 1982 —

    So they made the "Fallout" video game into a TV show. Great. Just what we need... another one about life (and death) after the apocalypse.

    There is "The Last of Us", which is quite good, and "Silo", which is pretty watchable, and that other one on HBO (or is it Max?) whose name we forgot, and "The Walking Dead", of course, and "Fear of the Walking Dead", and "The Walking Dead: The Dead Rise Again", and then that other Walking Dead show, and "Snowpiercer", and... oh, they made "12 Monkeys" into a TV show? "Resident Evil", another video game adaptation? Can we count "The Handmaid's Tale"? We're just scratching the surface here...

    We get it. There is a massive event that destroys most of the world. There are survivors that are human. There are survivors that are not human, usually zombies of some sort. There is some conspiracy, and things are not what they seem. Guns. Guns still function after the apocalypse. There is a lot of running. Honestly, we haven't watched all of these, not even close, but the formula seems to be rather repetitive.

    So who do we have here? Oh, Lauren Cohan, who has spent over a decade on "The Walking Dead" and its spinoff... not that spinoff, the other spinoff. Not ethnically Jewish, but her mother converted to Judaism, and Lauren followed suit and had a bat mitzvah, so that definitely counts.

    What? There is another "Walking Dead" spinoff that just came out? The apocalypse can't come soon enough...

    Verdict: Jew.

    April 29, 2024

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