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    Woolf Barnato

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    September 27, 1895 – July 27, 1948

    The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the oldest and most prestigious auto races in the world. Its goal is in its name: cars go around a track in Le Mans, France for a total 24 hours. Whichever car travels the longest distance, wins. Sounds pretty crazy. They've been holding the race since 1923.

    The record for the longest distance covered is held by a three-man team (yes, multiple drivers participate per team; it's not THAT crazy) in 2010: 5411 km (3362 miles). That's the distance between New York and the North Pole! (We don't recommend driving to the North Pole.)

    We can't imagine many Jews participating over the years (after all, their poor Jewish mothers would have a heart attack picturing Moishe gripping the wheel for hours on straight), but there has been a Jewish winning team: Bernard Rubin of Australia and the awesomely-named Woolf Barnato of England, who won the title in 1928. (Barnato actually won thrice, the other two with goyishe partners.) Despite their car being damaged during the race, they went a distance of 2669 km, about the distance from New York to Saskatoon.

    We definitely don't recommend driving to Saskatoon...

    Verdict: Jew.

    June 24, 2024

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