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    Michael Dell

    Jew Score:



    February 23, 1965 —

    If you've been to New York City, you've probably seen the multitude of electronics stores that run along its avenues. Those stores will sell you anything from batteries to radar detectors to laptops to orbital satellites. All for a LOW LOW PRICE.

    Oh, and here's a dirty secret: a lot of those stores are run by Jews.

    Why dirty? Well... Let's just say that you shouldn't expect anything you purchase in one of those stores to work well. Give it a week or two and your purchases will probably end up in the trash can. And these Jews (and some not Jews! We swear!) can get away with this because by the time something goes wrong (and it will) their marks, er, tourists will be back in Iowa or Oklahoma and will never even attempt to return the crap they bought.

    Why are we discussing these rip-off artists when we should be discussing Michael Dell? Well, it's becoming disturbingly clear that Mr. Dell is turning into one of these fellow Jews.

    We're not here to tell our readers how to spend their money. But from personal experience, any Dell you purchase is not gonna last two years, tops. If that's fine with you, go ahead. If not, we advise you look for another brand.

    Just don't buy it in New York City.

    Verdict: Jew.

    March 11, 2009

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