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    (Jamal Barrow / Moses Levi)
    November 8, 1976 —

    We're used to the old cliche of finding G-d in jail and discovering that, no, actually, that's Jesus, your new Hispanic cellmate (credit: Elayne Boosler).

    People leaving prison as born-again Christians is old hat. People leaving jail as new Muslims, same old same old. People leaving jail as Jews? That just seems ludicrous.

    Well, you were wrong. It's not Ludacris. It's Shyne. And yes, yes he did.

    After shooting up an NYC club back in 2000, injuring three, serving a decade in prison, and getting deported to his native Belize, his Shyni-ness discovered Hashem and hit the Holy Land.

    Now instead of shooting up the projects, he's rolling up the torahs. Instead of laying with the hos, he's praying at the shul. (Side note: holy CRAP are we white. This is just sad.)

    Sooooooooo. We good with this? Eh. Not really. Whether Shyne is a young kid who made a mistake, paid for it, and rediscovered his roots (his mother has Jewish ancestry) or a punk just looking for an out is rather academic. We can't know his mind. It makes for a neat story (and a cool pic) and all, but really?

    So we give the convicted felon a K2 and hope hope hope he's famous in a year for making records instead of having one.

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 22, 2010

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