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    Canaan Dog

    Jew Score:




    If you've ever watched a dog show on cable, you know that just about every nationality has a dog. There are French dogs, Welsh dogs, Inuit dogs, Japanese dogs, Trinidad/Tobagon dogs, Guammy dogs, you name it.

    Which leads to the obvious question. Is there a Jewish dog? Actually... YES. Yes, there is.

    It's Canaan dog, sitting there in our little window to the left, thankfully not chewing on his Jew Score (good boy)! Canaan dogs can be dated back to the Old Testament, where they are called Pariah dogs and there are references throughout the tome to dogs that match the Canaan's description.

    Our wandering forefathers used the dogs as camp guards and herders until the diaspora. At which point the breed fell into disrepair, wandering the Sinai desert, occasionally useful. Mostly forgotten.

    That is, until the 1930s when returning Israeli settlers re-domesticated the breed, once again using them to protect their nascent settlements and as fighters in the wars for independence.

    Canaan dog is Israel's only native breed and is now recognized throughout the world. They are known for being intelligent, wary of strangers, good with children, and for their lack of aggression.

    In other words, this dog is more Jewish than half the Jews on this website and we're proud to welcome them to our pack. Just one question: do you think they make Kosher milk bones?

    Verdict: Jew.

    March 31, 2011

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