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    Joel Rifkin

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    January 20, 1959 —

    At some point, every one of us has encountered a bully. Heck, even if you were a bully, chances are someone picked on you at some point.

    Joel Rifkin, no doubt already fighting feelings of abandonment (he was adopted by a Jewish family), was subjected to social ostracization pretty much from his first day of school. He was smart. He was strange. And his classmates simply didn't like him — something they had no problem expressing.

    Sound familiar, fellow geeks?

    OK, so in this case, all Rifkin's fellow students were Jews (people who really really ought to know better). But otherwise...

    How does one get through such trauma? Well, each of us deals with it differently. So whether we confronted the jerk or just learned to let it go or somewhere in between, we found a way to survive. And, hopefully, grow to be better people because of it.

    Rifkin's solution? He slaughtered at least 17 NYC area prostitutes. That'll teach those jerks never to mess with him again! OK, so, maybe not the healthiest way of dealing with childhood trauma? But that does make him New York's all-time most prolific murderer. So, good on him, we guess...

    No, it seems there will never be a way for dealing with bullying except to accept that there will always be bullies. Horrifying acts of murderous insanity need not apply.

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    July 11, 2012

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